Surprise Picture Find




J&HI found this picture on an old SD card that I’ve never seen before. It actually took my breath away when I saw those blue eyes. Then, I held my breath when I saw this one because I knew when I let it out the tears welling up in my eyes were going to burst from within my heart. So many emotions. I especially feel sad for Harry because he was so close to Jackson and he tells me he misses him a lot. We are one week away from the 3rd Anniversary of Jackson’s death, and I’m a mess. Each day of February has a specific reminder of something we did for the last time, the night Jackson went to AH ER and was transferred to UVA, the night we got his diagnosis of PAH, and the following really hard days afterwards that eventually lead to his death. I keep having flashbacks of the night he died. Some memories of that night I will probably never be able to speak of. His birthday 4 day later. The heartache is just as raw as it was from the beginning. My chest feels especially heavy with pain today.

Thank you to everyone who has asked about us, loved on us, and has brought us food. Planning and fixing a meal during this time is something that requires a lot of energy for some reason so a heartfelt thank you. Please pray for us to all feel God’s comfort in this hard time.




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